Monday, December 29, 2008

Have They Forgotten Already

Many commentators are talking about a 9/10 mindset. Well, it appears that George Bush has got the 9/10 mindset. It appears that he and his ambassador to the land of jihadi funders, Ford Franker, think that the biggest problem in Saudi-American relations is not letting enough jihadis into America.,1230-schwartz.shtm And, of course, the commies at the immigration bar agree wholeheartedly. Was it just seven years ago that 14 or so Saudis on student visas killed 3,000 Americans. Well, that doesn't matter to Jorge or Schwartz. I guess 3,000 dead Americans is just the cost of business contracts or some revenue to flight schools in the U.S. I just hope and pray that Schwartz, Ford, and Bush have a relative or two killed in the next 9/11. Shame on you, shame, shame, shame.

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