Monday, December 15, 2008

Muslims and Homosexuals

Well, Emirates Airline, the official airline of radical Islam is now flying to San Francisco. While I thought that cities had no control over who flys to a particular airport, it appears that Emirates is in violation of various San Francisco city ordinances on the treatment of homosexuals and on other aspects of promiscuity. But, it appears that that queen of the lispers, Tom Ammiano, local puff politician, says it is too bad that the city can do nothing about the Emirates poicies because the Muslims are a bit backward. Contrast this with the jihad the homosexuals are conducting against Mormons.

More interestingly, the City of San Francisco said it could not enforce its laws outside the United States. Well, I thought the city could not enforce its laws outside of San Franicsco. How, pray tell, does San Francsico regulate benefits provided to employees of companies who operate outside of San Francisco? How does it prohibit airlines it does not like from landing in San Francisco?

More to the point, why are the homosexuals so accepting of the execution of homosexuals in the Emirates, Iran, and Saudi Arabia? I guess they don't really care about oppression, so long is is done by someone with dark skin and not a Christian.

All just part of imposing the homosexual agenda throughout the U.S. I wonder if some city outlawed benefits for domestic partners and applied that to every company operating in that city? I bet the homosexuals and their liberal friends would suddenly discover federalism.

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