Thursday, May 29, 2008

Aiding and Abetting

18 United States Code Section 2 prohibits persons from assisting another in committing a federal crime. Again, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) took more action to assist illegals in remaining in the United States. ( As you read the story, after arresting a number of illegal aliens and deporting most, ICE allows three female illegals to remain. They are required to appear at their own volition at an immigration hearing. They will not. They have no reason to. They know they will be ordered deported. 90 percent of illegals ordered deported never do. More importantly, these illegals will continue to work. Some will even return to the French Bakery. ICE will make no effort to see if they continue to violate the laws. They will remain on welfare and they will not be prosecuted for misuse of social security number and identy theft (18 USC 1028A). Their husbands and boyfriends who were deported will quickly return having nothing to fear as ICE never follows up on their action. In fact they encourage and assist illegals with children to remain. In San Diego the women and their children could be quickly returned to Mexico with out having to spend any time in jail. The border is right there. And why do we care if there are "child care issues?" In the old days, the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service would have take the whole family in custody and quickly removed them to Mexico. That is deterance and enforcement.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stopped Clock Has Correct Time

Well, suddenly we get a glimse of the truth from the Old York Times (Thanks Mike S.) The undercurrent of corruption in the Department of Homeland Security and it's sub-agencies suddenly gets some excellent exposure. ( The Times did an interesting, though error filled, article on corruption on the border. (The faults are in certain details of little interest to those outside DHS and don't affect the important theme.) The important theme being that Hispanics hired by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in both the U.S. Border Patrol and the Office of Field Operations are easily for sale to the narcotrafficantes from Mexico. The underlying theme is that locally hired Hispanics, both native born and naturalized , are selling out at record numbers. Frighteningly, the Times is only scratching the surface. The land borders with Mexico throughly corrupt and the management of CBP makes no effort to stop it. There view is that is corrupt individuals, not the system. However, through local hiring, favoritism to Hispanics, and no proactive policies, such as routine polygraphs, monitoring of the work of Border Patrol Agents and CBP Officers, and kowtowing to local and Mexican politicians more interested in border crossing wait times that stopping corruption and smuggling, CBP has created the perfect storm for both ineffectiveness and tolerating corruption. While CBP management never refuses to cooperate in corruption investigations, it never takes proactive steps to stop or punish it.

More Non-Feasance From ICE

Another story in the theme of the active non-enforcement of the immigration laws of the U.S. Today, Brian DeMore (,0,2592588.story), Acting Field Office Director for Detention and Removal Operations, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Los Angeles Office, commented on the round of of hundreds of illegals. Like most ICE officials, he spins the theme that ICE is involved in ongoing operations to protect the U.S. from a terrorist attack. Well, someone should call the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Los Angeles, as the FBI has primary jurisdiction in terrorism investigations. But, DeMore's spin on his Deportation Officer's work is disingenuous, misleading, and designed to loose support in the public eye for immigration enforcement. What DeMore did not say was that no terrorists were arrested. That is not to criticize the good work done recently in Los Angeles, as the removal of illegal aliens, much less those who are child molesters, previously deported, or the just plain illegal. However, halfway down the story, DeMore goes into appology mode for arresting the just plain illegal. ICE claims to have a priority list with terrorists at the top and the just plain illegal at the bottom. Gang bangers, rapists, the previously deported, and those with outstanding orders of deportation somewhere in between. Nothing more embarrasing that a law enforcement official appologizing for arresting someone. And to boot, he says his officers exercise discretion. Or otherwords, they commit non-feasance; more simply just don't do their jobs. More than likely the lucky illegals encountered but not arrested are females with kids; basically kids are now the get out of jail or don't go to jail card. Just the magnet for their husbands or boyfriends who were arrested to swiftly return after an unplanned visit to Tijuana.

Monday, May 26, 2008

What is the Federal Government Doing?

Many readers have noted that the Federal Government has been very active in the immigration enforcement issue of late. The issue is this for real or a Potempkin Village?

Given the Agriprocessors raid and this interesting tidbit from Kentucky ( claim indicated that the government is serious. In some ways it is; the largest raid in history and the unique and original use of a seldom used federal statute against a landlord for harboring illegals.

However, looked at historically, the Bush Administration is still behind the yearly averages of removed aliens in comparison to the Clinton Administration. Thanks to Debbie Schussel and confirmed by my inside knowledge regarding the actual practice of immigration law enforcment, as well as about continuing fraud ( in the benefits administered by the State Department and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the enforcement action is a Potempkin Village or, as was BBB, commonly said, boob bait for bubbas. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Arizona State Legislature, the City of Irving (TX), and the Oklahoma State Legislature are doing more for immigration enforcement.

One has only to look at McCain's recent backtracking ( on what message he had allegedly got from the American people, to see that the agenda is still amnesty directed. The most revealing though is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) policy of continuing the catch and release policy (as shown by the release of over 50 aliens from the Agriprocessors raid) and the continuing policy of ignoring most immigration violations that come to it's attention. From the coverage of the Agripocessors case, hundreds were arrested there, but only at the plant. Press reports also showed that many illegals were not even arrested during the raid, but ignored. I read several reports of illegals not arrest who were employed, but worse yet, there were no arrests outside the plant. Press coverage showed not only illegals hiding in the local Catholic Church in Postville, but others hiding at home. Even though hundreds of ICE Special Agents, Immigration Enforcement Agents, and Deportation Officers were involved in the raid of the meatpacking plant, none left the plant to follow up on leads as to the location of other illegal aliens, especially family members. In any law enforcement agency, follow is standard proceedure. Here ICE ignored the thousands of illegals in Postville not actually at the meatpacking plant. The Bush Administration doesn't want too many arrests, especially of spouces and children, who remain in the US after the deportation of one member of the household, who soon returns over the still unyet secured border with Mexico and Canada.


Welcome to the blog. I will be posting here to explain the background on immigration and law enforcement issues. Hopefully all that is murky will become clear.