Saturday, January 24, 2009

AP Jumps The Shark, Again

Liz Sidoti a propogandist from Associated Press has helped AP jump the shark again over the Obamessiah. No controversy, no ideology, no partisanship, no ideology, just a Saint working for the people. Of course, no facts need get in Sidoti's way, as she has found her black, but cool and safe, fantasy boyfriend, much like the other famous female reporter who said she would blow Billy Bentpecker just for keeping her favorite form of birth control, abortion, free and available. Some facts like Obama is going to reign like a victor over the Repubicans and not govern in a bi-partisan manner. Obama is now funding abortion overseas. There is a little ideology for you; it certainly isn't helping the ecomony to give away taxpayer money to foreigners to kill babies.

In another shark jumping success, Mary Clark Jalonick, AP, who also fantacizes about a cool black boyfriend, God I feel sorry for her husband, says that the Obama Regime and the Obamessiah will be changing the eating habits of America, or so hope the chefs at expensive Chicago restaurants, who are hoping he will be publicizing his menus and eating out alot.

But interstingly enough, the only example of the Obamessiah's uniqueness is when the Obamessiah "was asked by an excited waitress if he wanted the restaurant's special margarita made with the finest ingredients, straight up and shaken at the table. 'You know that's the way I roll,' Obama replied jokingly".

Of course, in margaritas, "finest ingredients" doesn't mean organic or "farm to table', but means expensive. No Val-U-Rite tequila here, only the best for the Obamessiah, like keeping the riff-raff from the VIP section of his racist rap concert, Yes We Can, or keeping his children away from those pesky spooks, as Clint Eastwood described the dusky inhabitants of bad neighborhoods in Gran Torino, that inhabit Washington DC public schools. No ideology there, for sure, keeping the kids away from the NEA teachers was his only decision not ideological.

Closing Gitmo, that is not ideology, because only a fanatic will expect those who want to kill us to give up once Gitmo is closed. No ideology here, just the world's smartest Messiah unable to understand the previous consequences of releasing terrorists. But, that also proves that Jorge Bush was a moron as well for releasing and not executing all those terrorists we caught.

Well, Mary and Liz, I hope you get your assignation with the Obamessiah, who now seems to be a black verion of Doctor Gaius Baltar who seems to use his messiah status to bang lots of white chicks.

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