Sunday, January 25, 2009

Biden Says Terrorists Will Be Deported

Vice-Idiot Tail Gunner Joe Biden says that terrorists will be deported. Obviously he has no experience with immgration law, specifically political asylum. All the terrorists in Gitmo, since they are under the juristdiction of American law and get all its benefits are also entitled to relief from deporation; specifically they will claim asylum or relief from deportation based on asylum law or the Convention on Torture. No country will accept these terrorists back, or, if they do, they will be free to continue their terrorism. But that is what Obama wants, more terrorism and more terrorist in the U.S.

But more importantly what legal authority does the Counsel to the President have to make decisions on the detention of Prisioners of War? None. The Secretary of Defense has that authority. The fact that the Counsel to the President is making those decisions is that those desicions are political. And the Obamessiah said that he will not make decisions based on politics but on law and science. Talk about politicizing the the war.

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