Thursday, January 8, 2009

Culture Of Entitlement

In public, for all to see, the Democrat Party has descended into the party of lazy entitlement: The Haridan from Arkansas thought the nomination was hers by right of her sex (not gender: words have gender, people and animals have sex); The Half-Blood Princeling thought it was his by right of being half black; Sir Roland of Burris too thought that he deserved what he bought by right of being blacker than the Obamessiah; Princess Caroline of Martha's Vinyard thought she deserved it because her father was murdered; Don Antonio Villaraigosa believed he had a right to be Mayor of Mexico and Governor of Mexifornia because his parents were farmworkers; There we have it. The Democrats are the party of privilidge and entitlement. They pay for it by massive entitlements for the ignorant and lazy. With trillion dollar deficits coming soon, and the rampant inflation soon to follow, the question is raised, who will pay for this entitlement. How long can the true American be exploited to fund this entitlement? How long before the ediface comes crashing down? The Chinese are stuck buying our Treasury bonds because if they don't we crash sooner and China depends on us. It is how long can they afford to buy worthless bonds when inflation is at 15%. And what happens to them in the inevitable crash? The price of entitlement; world crisis reaching to the furtherest point of China. Perhaps it will start in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and spreads outward, Tibetans, students again seeking democracy, Falun Gong adherants disrupting society, corruption ending the one-time prosperity; once the success wears off, the Communist Party has no legitimacy. Their entitlement will end to.

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