Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fake, Along With Obama's Christianity

Baraka Hussein Obama hasn't been to church since the election, he talks about equality but they sold special tickets for his We Are One concert for racist rappers, and he loves having others forced into incompetant schools like those in DC but not his own children who are too good to go to DC's lovely black run and black majority schools. However, his fake hopeychangey rehash of Jimmy Carter and Billy Bentpecker has also given us fake music at the Inaguration. Why is it that classical musicians are so happy with a Regime that hates real culture created by white males gave us the canned equivalent of lipsyncing for the enthronement of the Obama Regime? But it does tell us that Obama is nothing, like his career, his achievements and his horrible speechmaking. He is the most shallow public speaker since Tail Gunner Joe Biden and Jesse Jackson without the cute rhymes. So, just what did blacky do right to get this, to paraphrase the racist Reverend Joseph Lowrey?

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