Sunday, January 4, 2009

How It Is Going To Happen

The nationalization of healthcare is well on its way. In California another step on that path was taken. A new regulation to provided translators in any language to patients was imposed on January 1. However, that cost will be born by the English speaking patients, as of course, the cost may not be passed on to the person demanding the service, but will be paid for by the rest of the insurance companies customers. It will of course drive up the cost of health insurance in California by at least $25 million the first year and more in the years to come. Imposed by liberals in an effort to destroy private health care it is just one more straw for the camel to bear and the huge cost increases necessary to fund it will be another arguement for the communists to nationalize health care. Funny how the Democrats increase the cost of private services then claim that those services are too expensive and must be provided by the government. And some think liberals are honorable and patriotic. Get with it, they are trying to destroy America. The destruction of health care is just one aspect of their plan for the destruction of America.

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