Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Hope He Fails

Unlike the RINOs in talk radio like Hugh Hewitt, I hope Obama fails. Why do I hope Obama fails? Because he is a racist who wants to discriminate against me in my job. Obama wants to prevent any promotion in my future. He wants to steal money for me to give to lazy people to stay home and watch TV while I work. He wants to nationalize the health care system so I have to pay for Cadillac care for illegal aliens but I have to stand in line to get anything. He wants to surrender Iraq to Al Queda and Afghanistan to the Taliban. He wants to increase taxes on those who work to give it to those who don't. He wants the government to pick winners and loosers. He wants to steal from workers to give to union thugs. He wants to cut the military and allow Chinese missles to destroy American cities by eliminating missle defense. He supports dictatorships overseas and wants to end democratic government in the U.S. by supporting vote fraud. He wants to flood this country with illegal aliens. He thinks white people "have to get it right." What do we have to get right? We built this country and make it work. Who do you think landed a jet airplane on the Hudson River with no one injured? A white guy. He got it right. Does Obama have an affirmative action pilot on Air Force One? I don't think so.

I hope Obama totally fails. I did not see any conservatives attack his inagural parade? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAp6YAPtC2c&eurl=http://doubleplusundead.mee.nu/ (h/t: http://doubleplusundead.mee.nu/) I don't think so. But liberals like he do. So, get lost. I hope he fails.

The think is he will fail. He will raise takes and print money like there is no tomorrow. He will destroy the economy, which is his goal anyway, since that is the only way to put everyone on welfare.

Obama will succeed in destroying America, so that is why I want him to fail.


Dillinger737 said...

I simply couldn't agree more!

Federale said...

Thanks Dillinger.