Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's OK To Keep Us In The Dark Now

Well, the History Channel has gone Obamaniac. The radical left has now decided that the government can keep secrets and drag us into war without our knowledge. Funny. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the shameful coward who refused his uncle's advice, Teddy Roosevelt, to join up in WWI and fight, is described by the new special on the History Channel dedicated to justifying FDR's dishonesty; the hiding of his diabilities from the public, secretly dragging us into war with Germany and Japan, communists in his administration, and using a compliant press corps to keep it all secret. It is well know that the communist Harry Hopkins and FDR had the Naval Intelligence intercepts that identified the Pearl Harbor attack and he did nothing to let the commanders at Pearl Harbor know and allowed them to be scapegoated. Now we are told, after 8 years of the opposite, that it is ok for the government to keep secrets from us, for, of course, our own good. Of course, the Stupid Party did nothing to oppose Comrade Roosevelt, nominating fools like Alf Landon, the John McCain of his era, without the military service. And they will do nothing against the new secret Obama Regime. Liberals are such hypocrites.

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