Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jobs Americans And Europeans Won't Do

Agence France Presse had an interesting video report from Spain. Sorry, no link, but I viewed it on Yahoo. Search there for the video report. It appears that black and Muslim farm workers are being driven from the olive and other fields by Spaniards looking for work. Wow, John McCain says that Americans won't do those jobs, but he means white people. Of course, he doesn't say that black people won't do those jobs or that welfare recipients won't do those jobs, but why work when you are on welfare.

But, back to the big story. The economic downturn has forced Spain's working class back to the fields to earn money the old fashion way, by working. Who would have thought? Economic necessity forces people to work. Wow, what a concept. I guess paying people not to work, as in extending unemployment benefits as the Obamessiah has proposed and the Democrats continually push for so no one ever goes off unemployment, has the opposite effect, people don't work.

As typical of the liberal press, they have the tear jerkers: The story also includes sob stories of illegals arriving and going immediately on welfare because there is no work for them. One poor soul could not even unpack his work clothes before he was on welfare. However, the commie press shoots themselves in the head here because most will realize that if you don't need foreign workers, do you really need foreign welfare recipients in the middle of a recession?

So, we now know that Europeans will work in the fields, how about putting Americans back in the fields. Here in California we still have lots of welfare queens. Let's get them working. Our unemployment rate is over 8%, but we continue to be the victims of massive illegal immigration. They come here for the free food, health care and housing, and, some, for employment. (The usual pattern is the man works and the wife stays at home collecting the benefits as even in progressive California it is harder for a guy to get on the dole than a chick.) And, of course, keep the welfare recipients from working. I wonder if all the blacks welfare recipients whom the people of Antioch don't like can be forced to work picking California's crops?

Of course though, my fellow right wing bloggers get Antioch wrong. Few San Francsico liberals there. Just blue collar and lower white collar whites fleeing horrible schools and minority crime in the once decent towns in the East Bay like Hayward, San Lorenzo, San Leandro, Union City, and Fremont.

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