Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Liberals Lie

One of the many myths that liberals tell is that illegal aliens come here because they are poor and starving. Such dire poverty forces them to come here. Funny, just like America, the poor from Mexico are suffering not from malnutrician, but from obesity. I just watched the most recent episode of Homeland Security USA on ABC. http://abc.go.com/primetime/homelandsecurity/index?pn=index

All the illegals from Mexico were obese, fat, overweight, tubs o' lard; not the Biggest Looser level, but comfortably fat enought to have never been hungry. It did not shock me, as I have always known that, at least since I started my career. It was interesting to watch a young woman state that she saved up for years to buy a stolen, or more likely, sold green card, and try to cross the border with it. Then, after being caught, claim that she came here to work because there was no work in Mexico. Well, stolen or sold green cards are not cheap, and, obviously, she got the money to steal into the U.S. with some sort of work. So, why then did she quit her job in Mexico to come to the U.S.? Answer below after I vent on the Bolsheviks in the media.

This episode of Homeland Security USA showed how myths and lies from the Main Stream Media shape the views of this country, but when they accidentally let something slip, it exposes the MSM for what it is; the most degenerate pack of liars since Satan in the Garden. Do these people have no shame? Do they hate this country and themselves (yes, self-hating white liberals (lol, I repeat myself)).

Liberals also tell us that illegals come to work. Well, for some maybe, but the main attraction is the freebies; welfare, free health-care, food stamps, WIC, etc. That is the real attraction.

Well, to answer my own questions, no, they have no shame and yes, they do hate this country that much.

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