Saturday, January 31, 2009

No Kidding

Some crazed woman has had octuplets through fertility treatment after having six other kids through the same way. And some are "concerned" that she might go on public assistance. Concerned? She already is and, as facts show, most of those kids will be come welfare queens and criminals. Why is it that those of us who work have to support those who don't? Why do I have to support the recreational lifestyle of people who refuse to work? A psychologist told this woman's mother to throw her out of the house so she could learn some lessons, but no one disiplines their children now, not even when the spoiled brats are adults. And the Obamessiah wants to expand welfare programs? He wants to give free health insurance to crazy people like this so we end up with more crazed behavior like this? Are liberals this stupid or is it part of their plan? It is a plan, because the Obamessiah is supposedly brilliant.

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