Friday, January 9, 2009

No Privacy For You

The San Francisco Chronicle is a typical lazy hypocritical liberal newspaper. It keeps the secrets of the radical left, claims any perversion is protected and says the Constitution protects privacy. It is refusing to give the public much information about a thug Oscar Grant who was shot recently by the police. However, the Chron has given the police officer involved the once over, searching for any deragatory information about him, going back to high school.

Obviously, unless you are black, you can't get a job as a cop with a criminal record. (See the New Orleans Police Department) So, in searching for deragory information about Police Officer Johannes Mehserle SF Chronicle reporter Jim Doyle scowered Mehserle's life, soliciting negative information about him from his grammar and high schools. It was if Doyle was expecting , or hoping, to find something to hang Mehserle with. Hoping perhaps he was some sort of junior Nazi or Klansman perhaps, or maybe fistacuffs with a non-white on the playground.

Sarah Palin got the same treatment, but Princess Caroline and the Obamessiah have their lives whitewashed. Nothing on Obama's drug use, gifts from fundraisers, Chicago corruption, communists ghostwriting his imaginary autobiography, racist spritual advisor, a hatefilled life of envy and shame. It is clear that the press has an agenda, and it could mean losing your liberty if you are the wrong person.


stacy said...

You must be white cause only a white sarcastic ass as yourself would assume that Oscar was a thug so what he had a fight he did not fight the police and the cop knew when he drew his gun and took it out its holster that it was a gun and shot him on purpose. Oscar did not ask to die because he fought someone on the train maybe he was defending himself. How dare you say it is his fault he died how dare you judge! from every angle of every video it shows murder that cop needs to be punished if the situation was reversed and a white man was killed by a black man then he would go to jail no bail nothing! the family has the right to sue and I hope they win someone needs to stand up for blacks being killed by white cops since they think it is ok to do so.

Federale said...

Well, Stacy, if that is your real name, you obviously have a "thing" going for the dangerous black man. White people get killed by cops all the time and white people don't care if white people are killed by cops. It happens every now and then, but we don't care, because white people don't like criminals. That is a black thing, sort of like what you got.

stacy said...

what the hell is that suppose to mean I have a thing for dangerous black men we dont like criminals either and we do care you just dont understand so sad that you think the way you do. I am a black woman and I like all men race is unimportant you ass! I may have to forward your blog comments to all black people about what you said about Oscar and see how many comments you get

Federale said...

I guess I have to spell it out: First, that was a TNA using threats when your arguements did not use facts. Second, you obviously have an Obama/black man fetish. Just too bad that you can't get Obama, he's taken and his former mistress was alot better looking.