Monday, January 19, 2009

Political Non-Prosecution

Anyone who follows the federal criminal justice system has to realize that there is no justice in the federal system. Those selected for prosecution are selected based on political considerations. Just look at Scooter Libby and Timothy Geithner. In Libby's case, he did not commit the crime that was being investigated. In fact, the person who committed the alleged crime, releasing the identity of a CIA agent, was not prosecuted, but his identy was known at the begining of the investigation. In the real world, there would have been no investigation needed, since the perpetrator confessed to the crime. The real question was why there was investigation, then a prosecution. Then we have Geithner, who committed a real crime, a crime that if the government knew you or I committed, we would have been prosecuted, but he was allowed to repay his back taxes. So, why wasn't he prosecuted? Politics. That is why Barak Obama can accept a $300,000.00 bribe from Tony Rezko and nothing happens. It is why Jesse Jackson was not prosecuted for not paying his taxes and money laundering and extortion. It is why Black Panthers can intimidate voters and not be prosecuted, but Republicans who try and stop voter fraud are. Federal criminal prosecutions are all political and it is a shame that Jorge Bush allowed the prosecution of Libby. It is why the Bush Administration refused to prosecute Willie Brown and Richard Daly. It is why Sandy Berger got a midemeanor slap on the wrist for stealing secret documents, while anyone else who did that would have gotten a felony conviction. Just wait until Obama and Eric Holder starts deciding on who gets prosecuted. NRA watch out.

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