Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rendition By Democrats

The Washington Times has exposed the fact that Bill Clinton and his Chief of Staff Leon Panetta, Baraka Hussein Obama's choice for CIA Director practiced rendition of terrorists to allies of the U.S. who practiced torture in order to have those countries extract information from those terrorists using torture.

But Obama campaigned against rendition, but apparently will be not so opposed to it now.

But, what is the history of rendition by Democrats. Well, the Democrats are responsible for the worst crime against humanity involving rendition in the history of the world. Operation Keelhaul where Russian POWs were involuntarily returned to the Soviet Union to face execution. This was a Democrat operation given to us by Franklin D. Roosevelt, whom Baraka Hussein Obama is being compared to. And it is correct, Obama is another FDR. A man who will kill white people who oppose communism, a man who will waste billions on an economic policy that cannot work, a man whom the press will not ask any tough questions.

Look forward to the Obama Regime. Just like the FDR Regime. Filled with union thugs, poverty, corruption, and incompetance. The only difference is that Obama will lose this war and that is his intent. But then FDR lost the war, the Soviet Union won it.

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