Monday, January 5, 2009

Shooting On Tape?

We are all used to video of public events, especially of law enforcement actions. A black thug was recently shot by a police officer of the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART), one of the San Francisco Bay Area's socialist public train system. While the left wants every public service provided by the government, they seem upset when government employees act, allegedly, beyond their writ, though they routinely decry any action by private sector actors. Last I heard, few private security people in the U.S. have shot anyone lately.

But, to the point, which is that the leftists are claiming that the video proves that the police officer shot the thug when he wasn't resisting. See 3:00 for the actual shooting. You don't really see much of the shooting, just the back of an officer and the report of the discharge. Then some thug shouting "He jus sho' 'im". Boy, people liek that will be on the poor officer's jury. And they probably voted. Aaauuugghhh!

What you actually see, and the San Francisco Comical did not report, was that the shot thug was part of a gang of people involved in a riot on a train that was part of some sort of organized protest that involved hundreds of people in San Francisco and spilled over into the BART system. More telling is that when the police moved in to make arrests and stop the violence, leftists openly attacked the arresting officers, escalating the situation. Look a the video up to the shooting and after, you see thugs, mostly black, attacking the police. So, instead of a quick arrest, what you had was an escalating dangerous situation for the police officers who had to make an arrest of at least three violent resisting thugs and also had to defend themselves from the thugs who came to interfere with the arrests.

Now, because of liberalism, its attacks on law enforcement, and its rationalization of black and leftist violence, it has become open season on police officers making arrests in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What is really on tape is the thug culture of Oakland and the leftist political establishment. Something to think about now that their hero, Obamessiah, is now the chief magistrate of the U.S. Open season on cops. So sad that their unions endorsed Obamessiah.

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