Monday, January 5, 2009

So, US Attorneys Are Political?

Wow, it was just announced by Senator Dianne Feinstein, who profited from the Iraq War due to her husband getting many no bid contracts as well as many other pay-to-play contracts with the Defense Department, announced that contrary to claims by the Democrats when President Bush fired several U.S. Attorneys, U. S. Attorney positions are political and the holders of those positions can be fired for partisan political reasons.

Well, she did not say it exactly that way, but she did establish her committee to make recommendations for the upcoming vacancies. Now, if U.S. Attorneys were not political, why are they being replaced by the upcoming Obamessiah regime? Now, DiFi will have a bipartisan committee with a Democrat majority to make recommendations for the soon to be filled jobs like U.S. Attorney. But how can a sitting U.S. Attorney be replaced for a reason other than misconduct? What about the threat of the unitary executive? Is the President now the chief executive officer and all below him serve at his pleasure? I am shocked. I thought we had to have independent employees in the executive branch who acted on their own consience, not directed by the President?

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