Thursday, January 22, 2009

So, You Wonder Why We Have A Smuggling Problem

Customs and Border Protection recently caught a smuggler bringing hundreds of pounds of marijuana into the U.S. However, it appears that she got of scott free. She was only "interviewed by special agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement". Fancy that, rough treatment for a drug smuggler, interviewed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Not arrested though. It looks like Obama's drug dealing friends have a new strategy, send load vehicles over driven by minors. Nothing happens to them if they get caught, they get alot of money if they get through. Everyone is a winner, except Americans. Gee, what will Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano do about it? Give them green cards? That will be the next step, as she will be considered a victim in the smuggling attempt, not a perpetrator. Mark my words as Joe Biden says, mark my words. Around about the same time most of the terrorists from Gitmo get their green cards, she will be getting hers. Thanks Baraka Hussein Obama. But, then, that is the plan. I warned you, again.

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