Friday, January 9, 2009

Thug Life, Thug Death

Oscar Grant was a thug, but one with a job. That is enough to differentiate from him from other thugs, but he was a part-time thug. Sometimes he could control his thug behavior, but not often. He was a cook, but spent his off time with other thugs. If Oscar Grant was not a thug, he would not have been fighting on a train. If Oscar Grant was not hanging out with thugs he would be alive today. If Oscar Grant was not living the thug life, he would be alive today. If Oscar Grant had the the middle-class value of self-restraint he would be alive today. If Oscar Grant was not the product of modern liberalism that tolerated, no encouraged, the thug life, the authenticity of black underclass values, Oscar Grant would be alive today. Oscar Grant decided to kill himself by living the thug life.

It is of no import that Oscar Grant was accidentally shot by the police. Oscar Grant would be alive today if society did not value the authentic black man who fights the police, who fights on public transportation. Oscar Grant died because a police officer shot him accidentally. Sad yes, a hate crime, no. Not even a crime at all. The police officer mistakenly drew his pistol instead of his Taser. Is Oscar Grant was not fighting the police, he would be alive today. When you live the thug life, sooner or later you will get into a violent confrontation with the police and when you fight the police, I don't care if you get killed. You would not be dead if you did not decide to live the thug life.

The thug life killed Oscar Grant. Liberalism glorified the thug life. Barak Hussein Obama glorifies the thug life, allowing his daughters to listen to thug life rappers. It looks like America will live the thug life with our new Thug-in-Chief. So sad, too bad.

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