Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Transparency? NOT!

The Obama Regime has stated publicly that it will the most open Regime to date. Common sense says that is a transparent lie, as the secrecy surrounding the contacts with Governor Blagovich will show, but, more importantly, Baraka Hussein Obama has been keeping a big secret that he refuses to release. Well, actually two, but one is more important than the other. One is Constitutional, the other is personal.

To date Baraka Hussein Obama has still refused to release his original birth certificate. Despite the lies you see on Baraka Hussein Obama's falsely authorized website, the document the Obamessiah presents is only an abstract of birth certificate and does not tell us where he was born, just his parentage. Hawaii law provides for issuing birth certificates to persons not born in Hawaii, much less the United States.

So, just when will the most TRANSPARENT Regime release the original Baraka Hussein Obama birth certificate?

Never. Why, because Baraka Hussein Obama is lying. He intends neither to be the most transparent Regime in history, despite the obsequious fauning of CNN, MSNBC, NYT, etc.

His lies will be perpetrated by the Main Stream Media, just as they refused to publish any deragotory information about the FDR dictatorship.

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