Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why Conservatives Are Loosing

With Rush the only well known conservative fighting the Obamessiah, we turn to why conservatives are loosing right now. There is an illustrative event not known to many. Hugh Hewitt, the advocate of amnesty, which would be usually enought evidence to see why we are loosing because if you import socialist Democrat voters you can't then win elections, but in a recent interview Hewitt again proved why he is part of the problem.

During an interview with an aggressive America hating leftist, Glenn Greenwald, Hewitt asked Greenwald a direct question: Is Hamas a terrorist organization. Greenwald refused to answer the question directly, much like Obama, Clinton, etc. Greenwald proceeded to blame everything in Gaza on white American Christians and the Isreali right-wing. As usual, Hewitt refused to press the issue and let the calumny slide by, just as he refuses to confront leftists who accuse whites of racism and refuses to call out leftists who accuse him of homophobia, as I documented previously.

In another recent example, Hewitt has commented on the radical Obama legal team at Justice, saying they are all smart liberals. Apparently not understanding the Constitution, considering whites to be second class citizens, and the Second Amendment to have no meaning, makes you a smart liberal.

Just how can we win when the supposed conservatives surrender on every issue. Hewitt is the John McCain of talk radio.

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