Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why Republicans Are Loosers

The Democrats are winners because they never quit. Republicans quit. An interesting piece in the WaPo,, besides the continued lies about FEMA's response to Hurricane Katrina, the columnist reported that "On Jan. 7, the chairman, Joseph T. Kelliher, announced that he was stepping down as chairman on Jan. 20, although his term on the commission 'does not end until 2012.'" Why did this Republican resign his position that was safe until 2012. He now gives Comrade Obama the opportunity to appoint another socialist to an important position that could drive up the cost of energy and drive down the amount of energy available. If he were a Democrat, he would have stayed with the intent of sabatoging the income Republican administration. Republicans always leave to make more money, but the country looses, as the socialists burrow in the bureaucracy and work to destroy America from within. It is the same when after Bush was inagurated, the first thing he did was re-nominate a black liberal Democrat to an open appeals court seat in the south that Republican Senators had held up during the last days of the Clinton Regime.

Samuel Francis was correct, we are doomed by the actions of the Stupid Party. Thanks for nothing you junior John McCain wannabe.

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