Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Al Queda's Front Men

Am liveblogging Homeland Security USA from ABC. http://abc.go.com/primetime/homelandsecurity/index?pn=index On of the vingettes was a Massechuesetts Institute of Technology student who wants to play a game. He wanted to fly without identification. He told the Transporation Security Administration officers that he did not have identification. Hmm, interesting, he lied to a federal officer. Violation of 18 USC 1001 False Statement. Well, he wasn't arrested, goody goody for him. But he admitted that his plan was to fuck with the system. And who is the benefit of his little game? Al Queda, of course. Just like the Council for Islamic American Relations and the lawyers like Erwin Chemirinsky who defend terrorists, his goal was to assist Al Queda in their next terrorist attack. Now, he may no be doing this on purpose, but that is the actual effect. All these little commies in their commie colleges hate America and want to destroy it. This is what separates patriots from the pseudo-conservatives, "moderates", RINOs, and the Demoncrats who want to destroy America. Well, you had your little game. Do you think you created more freedom, or just embarrassed yourself? So you little game will give some terrorist hints and methods to fly without identification. When someone dies, like when Newsweek lied about a flushed Koran, will your consience be bothered? I think not, as you don't have one. You will be one of those who cheered the fall of the towers. I got your number. The problem is that America doesn't and shame on them. They will get what they deserve. The punishment for stupidity.

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