Saturday, February 14, 2009

Comrade Hewitt's Favorite Law School Dean

The state of California is wasting hundreds of millions of dollars opening a communist run law school in the University of California system. The Kosmol activists will be getting free tuition as well. It is run by the former Dean of the Duke University Law School, who's instructors actively participated in the persecution of three white students on the Duke Lacrosse team over false allegations of a non-rape of a black prostitute. When the new dean of UC Irvine Law School was announce, Erwin Chemerinsky, even Arnold Schwartzenegger, the RINO Republican, thought it went too far, as Chemerinsky is also the attorney of record for several Al-Queda terrorists held in Gitmo. Now the taxpayers of California are subsidizing a lawsuit against the City of Laguna Beach for having the temerity to arrest homeless people when they commit crimes. Chemerinsky is also a weekly guest on the RINO Republican Hugh Hewitt's radio show. Hewitt calls Chemerinsky one of the "smart guys", one of two law school deans who appear on his show. Chemerinsky is a hack and a reflexive leftist, entirely predictable who claims any leftist policy is constitutional regardless of facts. He even blatantly lies when challenged on facts, recently claiming that an order by leftist judges to release prisoners in California was not based on the demand by those same judges to spend $8 billion on yoga centers and other non-medical procedures because of alleged failure of California to provide medical servcies to prisoners. Apparently prisonsers aren't living long enough during their life sentences for Chemerinsky. Aside from that, it appears that taxpayers are subsidizing his legal recreation and ideology unrelated to any duties as Dean of a state law school. And who has refused to expose Chemerinsky? Hewitt of course. Hewitt appears to accept any behavior by attorneys because they are "smart guys." Taxpayers be damned. I guess Hewitt is the Arlen Spector of talk radio. He and his friend will cost America lives and the taxpayers of California millions.

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