Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good Riddence

Ding, Dong, the wicked witch is dead. In many different ways the death of the San Francisco Chroncile is wonderful and enlighting news. From a "sex worker", Violet Blue, who claims to be a computer programer discriminated against because she is a woman, to Debra Saunders, RINO columnist, who supports gay marriage and gun control, the Chron had nothing to offer.

Saunders recently mourned the loss of the Chron and like a good employee, criticized those who are dancing a jig on the grave of the Chron. She claimed that the good reporting the Chron does will be missed, and is able to cite three stories: "Remember the ugly consequences of San Francisco's sanctuary city policy for juvenile offenders, who were sent abroad instead of to jail? Or Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums' failure to tackle crime in Oaktown? Or reports on corporate bonuses for execs at bailed-out banks?"

Of course, only one of those stories was a Chronicle exclusive and the story of the bank executives was not even Chron reporting, but a wire story. Given the Chron's propoganda for homosexuals, illegal immigrants, and affirmative action, I say that one story is not enough to save a newspaper. You have to do better than that.

She also plays the Governator card, claiming that the Chron is criticized from the right and the left, with the criticizms on the left coming from the most extreme leftists, but the regular left and Obama worship crowd are the mainstream at the Chron and even RINO Saunders is an anomality there.

So, like Arlen Spector, the Chron will be of little loss to the country, but then, the Chron was lost, when it ceased being a newspaper and became a propoganda outlet for gays, minorities, and illegal aliens.

And for my case in chief, I present from today's Chron, a propoganda piece for illegals: The reporter, Marisa Lagos, as usual, chosen for her connections to the story, rather than her abilities (The Chron assigns reporters by ethnicity and interest, better to get propoganda rather than facts.), regurgitates the statements of public officials using taxpayer money lobbying for illegals. To wit: "The supervisors, as well as Phil Ting, the city's assessor-recorder, denounced immigration raids and pledged to work on local and national reform to immigration polices. Chiu called the raids 'illegal and unconstitutional.'"

Little Miss Lagos never once questioned the above statement by a public official, just repeating the claim that immigration arrests by the Department of Homeland Security were illegal and unconstitutional. Well, girly, arrests of illegal aliens is both legal, e.g. authorized by federal law, and constitutional, e.g. withing the authority of the federal government under the Constitutional. The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly reviewed immigration arrests and their authority under the Constitution and never stated that immigration arrests are unconstitutional.

Such is typical of Chron reporting and no one wonders why they are going bust. But good riddance to bad rubbish. Such is the consequence of your actions.

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