Thursday, February 12, 2009

Horrible Hate Crime, MSM Unmoved

Black thugs attacked a lone white bicyclist in Kalamazoo, MI yesterday and nothing happened. No arrests, no Civil Rights Division trial attorneys parachuting in, no Reverend Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson, no comments from Baraka Hussein Obama, no editorials from the NYT or any Michigan newspapers, especially the Detroit Hamasistan Press, no pronoucements from Chuckie Schumer, just an overwhelming silence from the MSM.

I saw a small blurb from the San Francisco Chronicle that was only a few sentences, but obviously did not mention the race of the perpetrators. That caused me to search for more information from the internet where I discovered that the race of the perpetrators was several paragraphs into the story. Compare this to the shooting of a black criminal thug by a white police officer in Oakland, CA. The story was front page and conspicuously mentioned that the police officer was white and the thug black. My, what a double standard. There is no evidence that the Oakland shooting was racially motivated, but it is obvious that the Kalamazoo beating and attempted murder was racially motivated.

Just more of the evidence that white Americans are second class citizens in their own country.

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