Monday, February 23, 2009

Horse Left Barn, FBI Investigating

The FBI, Famous But Incompetant, has discovered that our nation's immigration policy, to wit admitting hundreds of thousands of non-immigrants, immigrants and illegal aliens from radical Muslim countries under various guises, including the visa waiver program for tourists from Islamic hotspots like the UK, is a danger to the United States.

As we used to say in our neighborhood when I was a kid, No Shit Sherlock. How long since 9/11 has it been? They just realized it now? Man, they certainly are on all the timely issues in national security and counterterrorism.

So, what is their solution? More agents, more technology, more, more, more. None of which worked to stop the destruction of the World Trade Center.

In one of those movies with Denzel Washington (Is Denzel a real name?), he plays an FBI agent who coddles some Islamic terrorists while the real job of protecting America is being done by an Army General played by Bruce Willis. (That, is a real name.) Quite accurately his character says that terrorism is commited by a minority of men swimming in a sea of a certain population. Classic counter-insurgency doctrine. Call him the pre-treaus rather than the bey-traus. He rounds up all the like suspects and interns them. Of course, the little commie Denzel gets his black goat up that whitey has done a good thing, and arrests the Willis character, while the family of one of his agents is participating in the Islamic terrorism.

Well, reality has finally settle in and the FBI now realized that our immigration policy is the source for all the ongoing terrorism threats. I guess they finally realized that arresting abortion protestors is not really protecting America. They can leave the jackbooted thuggery to the Secret Service I guess.

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