Saturday, February 28, 2009

Impeachment Again

Eric Holder, Attorney General and to whom the head of the DEA reports to, has stated that the DEA will no longer take action against marijuana dealers who claim to be supplying "medical" marijuana. Though the Supreme Court stated unequicably that State laws that allow for the use, sale, and distribution of "medical" marijuana offer no protection from Federal prosecution, Holder has decided not to enforce that Supreme Court ruling. Interesting, the Attorney General will not enforce the law. Wasn't it not too long ago that Holder and Obama were claiming that Bush did not enforce civil rights laws vigorously enough? Or that he allowed torture. Bush just decided not to enforce the laws against torture.

Besides the common nonsense that the left preaches about "medical" marijuana, it does not treat or shrink brain tumors, it does not cure or cause cancer to go into remission, etc. The left's miracle drug is nothing of the sort. "Medical" marijuana dealers are just drug dealers who sometimes do and sometimes don't pay taxes. They sell to children and as well as anyone with a note from an alleged physician, with many physicians providing the notes wholesale. They commonly advertise in the local free newspapers like the San Francisco Bay Guardian, openly stating that all will be approved for use of marijuana.

But, back to the real reason that Holder promulgated this new policy; campaign contributions. These dealers will contribute millions to the Obama reelection campaign.

And, for filthy luchre, Obama and Holder have sold the law enforcement policy of the United States. But, you don't even need that for impeachment.

Baraka Hussein Obama and Eric Holder both took oaths of office, stating that the laws of the United States will faithfully be executed. Well, allowing the open sale of marijuana is a violation of that oath. The left goes on and on about Bush and his responsibility to see that torture is not part of U.S. policy, but they are only hypocrites, since they will argue that not prosecuting drug dealers is within the discression of the Obama Regime. Well then, if it is within their discretion, why isn't it within the discretion of Bush not to refuse to enforce laws against torture?

Can't have it both ways. Nothing in the Constitution that requires one law to be enforced but the other law not.

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