Sunday, February 15, 2009

Instead Of A Real Democrat

The Republican Party has done it; just as the Republicans tried to beat FDR with FDR-lite in the guise of morons like Alf Landon, the Republicans will try and beat Baraka Hussein Obama with a Obama-lite, thought of a darker hew, though still a RINO.

Michael Steele appartently did what blacks generally do, steal something, this time an election, with the corruptocrats from our island empire. The Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam are corrupt hothouses, much like St Louis, Chicago, and Detroit. And those corrupt hothouses of color gave us the Steele(n) election. Apparently people of color are the future of America and we now know that they won't vote Republican, event the immigrants who pay taxes, so now we have a Republican leader who will do a John McCain and loose the next set of elections for us.

Oh, and by the way, Hugh Hewitt supported him.

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