Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Look What Happened To The Unitary Executive

When Jorge Bush was President, the left hated the Unitary Executive, the only Constitutional interpretation of the powers of the President. Of course the leftards said that the Unitary Executive was facism and dictatorship, but it was just the fact that the Constitution gives all executive powers to the President and the idiocies like the Civil Rights Commission have no authority separate and not controlled by the President, either through directing policy or replacing personnel when they refuse to follow his policy.

It was especially prominent with regards to the Justice Department and the Civil Rights Division. Basically the communist bureaucrats who ran the CRD thought that they answered to no one and developed policy and action on their own. They got clipped a little under Jorge, but only a little. And the commie talking heads in Congress said that the Attorney General was independent from Presidential direction.

However, the wheels of the Obamessiah bus go round and round, and like Tiny Tommy Daschle, the disunified executive has hit the road or been ground down under the wheels of the Obamessiah bus.

The unitary executive is back and the left is worried; worried about who is running Club Gitmo. Like Stalin and his sycophants, personnel is policy, and they change quite frequently as the disunified executive has been airbrushed out of history and now it is the power and the responsibility of the Al President Baraka Hussein Obama to direct the whole executive, regardless of the law, especially the law that created the military commissions that used to operate in Club Gitmo until Al President Baraka Hussein Obama decided that he would not follow the law.

Funny, the left was telling us that Bush was acting unlawfully by creating the first commissions by executive order, but was slapped down by the Supremes, then Congress legislatively created new military commissions as required by the Supremes.

Now it appears that the President can shut them down at any time, for any reason. Hhhmm, can anyone say Executive Fiat, and I don't mean fix it again Tony.

Impeachment anyone? Is the Military Commissions Act being faithfully executed? Kinda like the McCarran Act under Governor Peanut.

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