Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The New Welfare Queens, Same As The Old Welfare Queens

The radical left hated Ronaldus Maximus for his use of the term "Welfare Queen" when he exposed the layabouts who lived their lives on welfare. Supposedly this changed with welfare reform, but welfare has been replaced by Social Security Supplemental Security Income disability payments for most of the lazy welfare crowd, mainly women, so the term Welfare Queen certainly fits. To prove the point, Patterico has exposed the Octuplet mom as a typical immigrant welfare queen of color. Like most welfare recipients, she denied she was on welfare, but food stamps and, to the point, disability payments from the Social Security Administration are the new welfare program, replacing the old welfare program of a lifetime on Aid To Families With Dependant Children, AFDC. Likewise, the Octomom thinks this is all fine and dandy, that we owe her the easy life a useless Masters degree in counseling. And, it appears the bill to taxpayers is $2,900.00 a month before the new kids showed up.,0,1790195.story

So, can anyone explain why we are subsidizing singlemotherhood? Recreational babymaking? How did she pay for this fertility treatment without any income? Her disability payments for the children are to support them, not her recreational needs.

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