Thursday, February 12, 2009

Octomom On Welfare As Well

More news has leaked out on the Octomom. She was on the new welfare program, Social Security Supplemental Security Income disability payments while she was raising her first six kids. She claimed an injury from her job at a mental hospital (boy is that telling) and got on disability. While on disability she used $100,000 in taxpayer monies to get the fertility treatments for her next eight kids. As I discussed previously, SSI disability is the new welfare program to replace AFDC. Of course, food stamps remain, and she is pulling down lots of those and will be getting more. Of course, she says it isn't welfare and she will be able to raise here kids without "welfare" once she finds a job, something that she is not looking for at the moment. However, while she is at work, who will take care of the kids? Will she give up the disability payments for the fake disabilities that she claims three of her children have? Will she give up the food stamps? This is the typical Demoncrat, lazy, demanding, uncaring other than for herself, living on welfare. Well, thanks to some idiots in Virginia, Indiana and Pennsylvania, that is what you are going to get for at least the next two years.


Dillinger737 said...

That just makes me feel so good about the direction this country is going that I could hurl myself off a building!

Federale said...

I am thinking Croatia, Czech Republic, or Red China as my refuge.