Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rush Was Correct

Along time ago during the height of the Clintong madness, Rush Limbaugh observed that the the stupid women who liked Clinton, despite his cheating, thought he was their surrogate provider, or even their new boyfriend/husband, replacing what they considered their current boring husband.

Well, has provided us with the latest Clintong parallel with the Obama Regime. Obama is now the new boyfriend. (I prefer to link the article through Vdare, as I don't want to give the NYT anymore traffic than it deserves.) Rush also exposed the reporterette who offered to give Clintong a blow job for keeping abortion legal. What will they offer the Obamessiah?

How little have things changed from the Clintongs and the Obama Regime; from alleged heterosexuals like Chris Matthews offering up blowjobs to Obama to Obama being the imaginary boyfriend of crazed liberal women. They must leave pathetic lives to fanticize about the scrawny Obama. At least men have real sexual fantacies, give me Jenna Jamison any day over Maggie Thatcher. But then I vote base on facts and policy, not homoeroticizm as with Matthews.

But, in the end this is a serious issue, not just because morons are allowed to vote, but about the left in general and their emotionalism. Just as homosexuals and feminists engage in their sexual fantacies not only in the public domain, but make public policy based on their sexual fantacies; as in their support for radical Islam. Both groups have domination fantasies about being raped by Arab men, being dominated and whipped for misbehavior, and generally being abused by a third world man. There is nothing happier than a feminist in a burka, pregnant and abused.

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