Thursday, February 19, 2009

So It Begins

An Oklahoma man was pulled over by the Oklahoma City Police Department for having a sign on his car that said "Abort Obama, not the unborn." "Abort Obama, not the unborn." The sign was seized without legal authority. The officer said it was a threat. Hmmm, radical Islamists routinely advocate killing Americans and the police do nothing. Worse yet, the U.S. Secret Service intimindated the victim into having his house searched. The SS wanted to know if he was a member of a "hate group." Well, ACORN, Bill Press, and Bill Clinton says conservative talk radio is "hate talk." Will the SS go and arrest Rush Limbaugh for his famous "caller abortions?"

This is the new America, non-criminals are now the focus of the attention of the jackbooted government thugs, while 1 million gang-bangers, many illegal aliens, roam our streets free. The SS has responsibility to enforce laws against wire fraud and credit card fraud. Why are they ignoring that crime, which is rampant, for investigating those who dare to criticize Obama? Why doesn't the SS chase after real criminals, like credit card frausters that it ignores? Sometime ago a writer called this anarcotyranny, where the government ignores real crime and wastes its time attacking white Americans who commit no crimes.

Well, we now have the Obama version. No criticism of Obama is allowed. If you dare, the SS and the police will be on you. Just as the IRS tried to shut down the American Spectator Magazine and the NRA for criticizing Bill Clinton.

Is the SS going to arrest the cartoonist who drew the chimp shot by police? The liberals said it was racist and directed at Obama?

Reverend Al Sharpton said the cartoon was racist, when is the SS going to make an arrest? Racism is hate.

So, when will be the next Ruby Ridge and Waco. Coming sooner than you thought. Watch out before the government thugs shot your dog, kill your wife and son, then burn down your church.

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