Thursday, February 19, 2009

Torturing Language

Erwin Chemerinsky recently whined that he was criticized by the WSJ. The Dean and Distinguised Professor (huh? He gave himself the title of Distinguished Professor?) claimed that the City of Laguna Beach was criminalizing homelessness. Of course, there is no such law, and the City of Laguna Beach only enforced the laws of the State of California and city ordinances against people who commit crimes, like camping on public property, littering, drinking in public, public drunkenness, drug use, etc. Irrelevant if they are mentally ill, as they don't have a right to ignore the law. Chemerinsky tortures the language in a dishonest way to say that homelessness is criminalized. Well, they chose to be homeless and risk arrest for the crimes that usually accompany those who chose to live on the streets. Chemerinsky also whines that there are very little services for those who chose to be homeless. Well, we don't have to provide them with any "services." If they chose not to have jobs, that is their choice. Who says we have to provide them with the things that they will not work for. And this from the same person who doesn't want those mentally ill homeless to be placed in mental institutions, because they have a right to live their lives their own ways. But not with taxpayer dollars.

And, like most lawyers, he lies blatantly about his new law school, claiming that people of all ideas will be employed there as professors, but that ain't happened yet. And there are no professors or students practicing public interest law not involving leftist causes. Remember, this guy want to protect those who want to destroy America, he is defending numerous Gitmo terrorists. Even though the Supreme Court has repeatedly stated that terrorists may be held, he constantly claims that terrorists maynot be detained until the war is over. And all of this paid for by the California taxpayer.

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