Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ugliest Churches In Christendom

The Wall Street Journal recently had an article praising three churches in California that have the most modern architecuture and, for that matter, don't even look like churches. Besides being ugly and antithetical to purpose of the worship of our Creator, the three churches, St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco, Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, and Oakland's Cathedral of Christ the Light, all diosesean seats for their respective Bishops, they are also dying dioseses with few believing Catholics. The manner in which the "Catholics" of Oakland treated Holy Water when they casually spilled Holy Water while transporting it from various parishes to the new Cathedral.

Worse yet though are the Cardinal, Archbishop, and Bishop, respectively, of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, the San Francisco Archdiocese, and the Oakland Diocese. Some wag once said of Oakland, there is nothing there, there. One can say that of the Dioceses and their leaders. The San Francisco Archbishop has done nothing to stop gay marriage and abortion that is perserved and expanded by the "Catholic" mayor Gayvin Newsome and the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Likewise, the Cardinal of Los Angeles has done nothing to stop the various "Catholic" politicians like Mayor of LA Antonio Villaraigosa and the Governor of California Arnold Schwartzenkennedy who are both big supporters of abortion and gay marriage. The Bishop of Oakland is well known for harboring witches and satanists in the Diocese, like Matthew Fox, and others who hide out under his protection. Oakland is, in fact, the center of heresy in the Church, with Holy Names College the center of their witchcraft centered theology.

Ugly churches go with ugly souls. No wonder that Archbishop George H. Niederauer sold one of the most beautiful churches in San Francisco to an art college and gave Holy Communion to two members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indugence dressed in drag.

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