Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Wages Of Sin

Pandering to the utmost, Pepsi tried to buy itself some market share and perhaps some political backing by manipulating its advertising to coincide with Obamessiah worship. However, it did not work.,8599,1882167,00.html The ever hip Obama and his over 55 crowd of Clintong advisors always choose Coke.

Perhaps this is a lesson to the private sector that pandering to politicians won't always work and even buying them is not always a guarentee of the results you want.

Even more important, it is a lesson for Republicans, especially Jud Gregg, that you get nothing from the Obama Regime and Demoncrats, except more pain. Just ask the Chief Mexican in the California Republican Party, Abe Moldanado. He sided with the Demons and now every talk show in California is gunning for him. Good riddance to him and Arlen Spector.

The real lesson is to stand to your princples and fight for what is right.

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