Monday, March 23, 2009

And So It Begins

Newsweek, who gave us the false story of a Koran being flushed down the toilet, now gives us the Gimo guards who are Muslims, of a sort at least. A strange sort of Muslim is Terry Holdbrooks , one with huge wooden earings, tatoos, and fellow guards who he claims "expressed interest" in Islam.

But beneath is the real story. No one at Gitmo is bad they are just rappers and James Bond fans, the war in Afghanistan is now bad, though will Baraka Hussein Obama was running for President, it was the "good war", the necessary war before the distraction of the "bad" war in Iraq.

In fact, the Newsweek story appears to be another one of the fake soldiers stories that the media swallows whole, but with a twist, much like the Korean War story of a soldier who claimed to have participated in killing of civilians at No Gun Ri, but it later turned out that he was in the Army in Korea, but never in combat or at No Gun Ri. and

Here we have at least one nutjob who now puts huge wooden earings in his ears and claims to be a Muslim. And a couple other ex-Gitmo guards who claim Gitmo is a concentration camp and everyone there is innocent. Our nutjob also claims to be a contrarian, alcoholic and drug-addled parents. He also brings up the inevitable "growing up hard" complaint, as if that justifies killing all those who refuse Islam. Most importantly though, he was discharged two years early from the Army. Funny how that happened in 2005, when recruiting was at a nadir. It is clear that Newsweek had an agenda, and continues with its falseification of stories from Gitmo with the little falsehoods that separate a real story from one made up. At the end of the story were are told that Ahmed Errachidi, The General, is tortured and threated, then remains in contact with Holdbrooks, signing his emails with Ahmed 59o, his alleged identification from Gitmo. Well, that is just made up, but from a Star Trek episode, Harcord Fenton Mudd's world of androids with names ending in numbers. Also, we have The General, an innocent man, who, needing money, goes from the UK to Afghanistan just before 9/11 to make a little money in a business venture. Can anyone say drug dealer? At best I think, but a Muslim going to Afghanistan and not to fight? Going there for business? Are you kidding? But the truth slips out, as "The General" admits "Because I spoke English, I was always in the face of the soldiers." Hardly the words of an innocent caught up in the Afghanistan fighting and allegedly capured and sold by the Northern Alliance. More likely the words of a fighter. And he doesn't even remember Holdbrooks. One would think that would be a memoriable experience, converting a guard to Islam. But somehow forgotten.

It also appears that his story of conversion is fake, as he claims to have spent long nights sitting cross legged in front of the cell of a detainee called "The General." I don't think that guards were allowed to freelance and develop relationships with prisoners. I imagine that there was alot of supervision, even on the night shift. And he claims the only duty of the night shift was to mop the floor. Interesting. Hard to believe as well.

It appears that Terry Holdbrooks is just looking for his fifteen minutes, and since, the huge wooden earings did not do it for him, he decided to create his new persona and sell a few books as well. Maybe go on the anti-war circuit for a while, see Europe for free perhaps like a fellow alleged former guard, Christopher Arendt did.

Funny how all these innocent people get back into the war after being released. But more importantly, this is just the opening salvo in the war over Afghanistan. Just how soon will Obama be surrendering to the "moderate" Taliban?

But the end of the article is where we get the true import of Newsweeks article when it quotes the imam of Holdbrooks new mosque; "I would have thought they had the most savage soldiers serving there," says the imam, Amr Elsamny, an Egyptian. "I never thought it would be someone like TJ." "The most savage soldiers." That is Newsweek's message. And, the fact that they wish they covered up, the imam is an Egyptian. We are importing terrorist sympathizers. And the feminists at Newsweek are just peachy with that. See how long the author of the article is allowed to work after the Muslims take over.

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Holger Awakens said...

Newsweek will get caught's like the National Enquirer at this point. Good story, Federale.

I don't know if you've ever been to this site but John does a great job of unmasking fake soldiers, etc all the time at: