Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Black Community Reacts To Dead Cops

Well, you heard it here second (h/t American Thinker, black people and community organizers like Baraka Hussein Obama, hate cops and reveal in their bloody deaths.

The pro-killer protest was organized by the Uhuru Movement, which consists of communism mixed with pan-African racism. Basically they hate white people and want to steal their money. Uhuru Movement is just like Baraka Hussein Obama's ACORN movement, but ACORN just uses black people and is not run by black people. However, ACORN shares Uhuru Movement's communism and racism, it is just that the white people who run ACORN have nice salaries and retirement programs curtesy of the taxpayer who provided all of both organizations funding.

Is any enterprising reporter or someone on the upcoming Baraka electronic townhall going to ask him an embarassing question about his fellow "community organizers?"

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