Thursday, March 5, 2009

Burrowing And Prosecutors

Another alleged career bureaucrat from the Department of Justice (DOJ) has been named as the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at the Department of Homeland Security.

In two ways this is a horrible appointment. First, it is an expample of the radical left of the Demoncrat Party burrowing into and running the bureaucracy. Here we have a radical leftist who worked at high levels in civil service under Republican administrations. Jorge Bush apparently made no effort to vet promotions in the civil service from infiltration by radical Demoncrat activists. Now we get the Obama Regime claiming that they are using "career civil servants" as political appointees, showing how "moderate" they are. But as Rush says, a moderate just doesn't know any facts. But most think moderate means of a balance or little conviction. Not so with the DOJ, which is heavily infiltrated by the radical left, especially in the Civil Rights Division.

The second point is that again the head of ICE was not a career law enforcement manager, but a hack from the DOJ or other bureaucracies. The previous head of ICE was Julie Meyers, a hack with no real law enforcement experience and Morton is a prosecutor who not only never made an arrest in his life, but never carried a gun or managed other cops.

ICE, and its sister agency, Customs and Border Protection, are two agencies where one should be. And an agency of their sizes or size if combined should be led by a law enforcement officer with extensive experience in both areas of law enforcement, the one making the arrests and the one managing the person making the arrests. One of the reasons DHS is dsyfunctional is that neither of its largest components, CBP or ICE has been a career cop, much less one with experience in performing the specialized areas of law enforcement that ICE and CBP deal with. Contrary to popular opinion and the opinion of DHS, the primary responsibilities of ICE and CBP are not terrorism, but the areas of responsibility of their predesesor agencies, the U.S. Customs Service and the Immigration and Naturalization Service. The FBI maintains primary juristdiction in terrorism cases. ICE and CBP just assist.

Frighteningly though, Janet "Reno" Napolitano, the DHS Secretary, is openly opposed to ICE doing their job. Apparently everytime an arrest is contemplated, Napolitano wants a heads up. Not because she might have to answer questions from the press about it, but because she doesn't want the laws of the United States enforced. What agency head wants a heads up that some arrests are going to be made? Does the Attorney General want notification that the FBI will make some arrests? If so, then the Attorney General will be spending his whole day reading reports about the latest FBI arrest, as they make quite alot. Will the new Janet Reno also want a report from the U.S. Border Patrol that they arrested thousands today? They do that every day? Is that her next step, permission from Washington before an arrest is made? Well, then there will be prescious few.

Can anyone say "impeachment" for failing to see that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed?

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