Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Coming Anarcho-Tyranny

Samuel Francis gave us the phrase anarcho-tyranny to describe the Clintong Regime and its war on Americans while allowing real crime and Islamic terrorism to flourish. It appears that more evidence of the Obama Regime's own anarcho-terrorism has surfaced and in Missouri of all places. and (H/t American Thinker

The interesting thing is that the information used by the Missouri State Police and the federally funded Fusion Centers led by the FBI and DHS that distribute this nonsense is that it is years out of date. Active resistance to the Federal government and its war against America pretty much ended in the 80s when the Posse Comitatis movement died in a hail of gunfire. The militia movement arose in the 90s when the Clintong Regime was actively attacking the Second Amendment to the Constitution with the Clintong Gun Ban. However, the movement died with the election of Jorge Bush and the sunset of the Clintong Gun Ban, the only good thing besides welfare reform that came of the Republican congress.

Now the Missouri State Police and the Federal government are regurgitating the hoary old accustations of racism and bank robbery from the Posse Comitatis movement and the Militia movement, none of which apply today as none of the organizations that were the prime movers or even partipants exist today. As a matter of fact the Militia movement has been mainstreamed and recognized by the Supreme Court as correct with its interpretation of the Second Amendment.

The only reason for the resusurection of the Militia Movement by the Fusion Centers is that the Obama Regime has some plans for us, something that alot of people are not going to like, and the plans will be in direct violation of the Second Amendment. Nancy of the Laughing Eyes said there would be no Clingtong Gun Ban reinstatement, but demonizing pro-Second Amendment can only mean that there are plans to take their guns away.

Be afraid, be very afraid. The next Waco and Ruby Ridge are coming, sooner than you expected. The Federal government is acting as if 9/11 never happened and they are having dreams of prosecuting abortion protestors, which was Janet Reno's priority while Al Queda quietly infiltrated the U.S. with the 9/11 hijackers who attended flight school under Janet Reno's very nose.

In the end, the scariest thing was how willingly superficial and outdated the intelligence from the Fusion Center was. Think of that while Somali jihadis plan their first strike on America.

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