Thursday, March 19, 2009

Coming Soon To A Place Near You

Chief Terrorist Enabler Eric Holder whose day job is Attorney General has decided to bring more terrorists to America. No content with violating the Constitution in the name of protecting Mexico, Holder, who was in the Justice Department when the Glorious 13 were going to flight school in order to kill Americans, thinks that not enough Americans are dead from terrorism.

This is the same guy who was unlawfully negociating with the communist government of Cuba in order to deport the one alien that the Clingtong Regime did not want to remain in the U.S. on welfare. and

Now Holder wants to import terrorists from Cuba. Ain't that strange. Exchange Elian, who might have grown up to a productive citizen later on for 17 Uighur terrorists who were trained by Al Queda. We are of course told that the Uighur terrorists only represent a threat to Red China, not America, but since when did Al Queda training limit itself to one enemy?

I only hope that their first victims are the little Eichmans of the Obama Regime.

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