Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cops Are Supposed To Know You

Bryant Gumbel, the spitting Reagan hater, has another attack on cops, whites and the United State. The story is that racist cops just decided to shoot another black man. The premise is that cops are supposed to know, personally and in detail, especially where they live and that they are not criminals and never commit crimes, every minor baseball star and their children.

The case involved the shooting of a BLACK MAN by cops, in this case Robbie Tolan, an aspiring baseball star and the son of Bobby Tolan. Now I am not much of a baseball fan and this Bobby Tolan was a minor star of teams in St. Louis and Cinncinati. Yeah, I never heard of him either. The case involves a report of a stolen car and two young black men.

But according to Bobby Tolan and Marian Tolan, his wife, the police are supposed to know who he was, where he lived, know his son, and know that goold old Robbie Tolan was a pure and innocent boy who never committed any crimes, never was pulled over by the police for anything, and that no crime ever occurs in a home nor in the driveway of a home.

Now, when Robbie Tolan was shot, the police were following him in a car that they had thought was stolen, he refused to stop and drove to his home. After being ordered to the ground Bobby and his cousin complied, but his parents ran out of the house and interfered with the arrest. Marian Tolan was particularly arrogant and refused police officers commands to not interfere with the arrest and fied investigation.

Of course, Gumbel brings up the old hobby horse of racial profiling by the Bellaire, TX Police Department. Gumbel goes on ad naseum about the low numbers of blacks in Bellaire and the frequency which blacks are issued traffic tickets. Well, that myth was solved years ago. The New Jersey State Police were accused of profiling blacks on I-95 as part of their DEA funded campaign against drug smuggling. The troopers would use traffic violations, mostly speeding, to stop smugglers and seize their drugs. It was working great, until Comrade Christine Todd Whitlessman fired the head of the state police, accusing him of profiling.

Well, just two simple problems with that; 1) a study showed that blacks violate the laws against speeding much more often than whites, and 2) blacks smuggle drugs more often than whites. and

Gumbel rants on claiming that Houston only stops blacks at 4X their representation in the population of Houston while Bellaire stops blacks at 12X their representation of their population of Bellaire. Well, no surprise their, blacks commit more crime in both cities. And blacks commit more crimes than their representation throughout the United States. Funny that Gumbel thinks that evidence of lesser racial profiling in Houston is OK, while a greater level in Bellaire is bad. So, liberals think that just a little racial profiling is OK? Just like reserving the right to torture in "extraordinary" circumstances is OK for the Obama Regime? And it is OK for the Obama Regime and the Clintong Regime to use just a little "extraordinary rendition?"

Now it turned out that the car in question wasn't stolen, but who cares? The cops did not know that at the time of the shooting, all they knew was that they had a potential stolen car and a suspect who fled to his home and his parents who interfered with the arrest of a person lawfully stopped and detained. Like Michelle Obama, Marian Tolan is on the warpath, no white cop is allowed to do anything to her son, no white cop is allowed to arrest or detain her son, because he is innocent, and the cops should have known that before they started.

Maybe the cop shot without proper justification, but with no evidence of racial hostility, Gumbel hangs his racial profiling hat on precious little.

But, we have an even more interesting aspect of this case. Gumbel also endless repeats that the cops should have know. Should have know? Known what? Should they be conducting surveillance of all the residents of Bellaire? Gee, I thought that liberals loved privacy and were against the gathering of information and monitoring of the public by the police? Didn't they accuse Jorge Bush of that? So much for privacy under the new Regime. And aren't these the same people who just loved Waco and gave the ATF their own little free-fire zone outside the Constitution?


Jeff said...

"Now it turned out that the car in question wasn't stolen, but who cares? The cops did not know that at the time of the shooting"

Umm are you serious? I think that's the whole point, that they didn't know it was stolen at the time of the shooting..If they ran the correct plate number this would of all been avoided. Wow, what horrible journalism.

Federale said...

I am not sure whether you are criticizing me or the report, but in any event a mistake was made, but had everyone been compliant, the shooting would not have happened. But in any event, there is no evidence of racism, especially given that black males commit many times more crimes than white males. And, of course, why did they keep driving when the police started the lights and siren? Thugs always try and run, or go home, so they can get cover.