Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Height Of Hypocracy

The city of Alexandia, VA, a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, the city who says that no one may be excluded from city services, has suddenly developed a concern about aliens. and (h/t Jawa Report )

It appears that there are some illegal aliens that the city of Alexandria doesn't want, e.g. Gitmo graduates of the terrorist variety.

Not too long ago though the city council of Alexandria and the mayor publically stated that the city and its police department will welcome illegal aliens, who violate federal law by just being present in the United States. So why are these hypocrites so concerned about a few Al Queda types in the local jail, or, even better, released by order of the Obama Regime, such as the 17 Uighur terrorists who trained with Osama Bin Laden? The MS-13 Salvadoran gang has killed more Americans than Al Queda, but Alexandria just loves Salvadoran gangbangers, murders and rapists.

Interesting question. Anyone have any answers?

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