Friday, March 27, 2009

Kill Some Cops Get A Welfare Check

"Community Organizers" have decided that more welfare spending is the way to keep parolees from killing cops, raping and commiting other felonies after release. All of course paid for from your wallet, not theirs.

Interestingly enough the left, which claims there are "reality based" and not "faith based" claimed that they: "More than 60 percent of people who have served time in California prisons commit another crime and are sent back. The pastors believe that with proper education and emotional, social and job training, parolees can transition to become fully functioning members of society. " So much for reality based policies, we are back to faith, and your checkbook of course.

The obvious answer to the problem of parolees was not addressed, and that was full and complete sentences for criminals. In California most felons only serve half the time they were sentenced to due to liberal judges and overcrowding. The easiest solution is more prisons, as the recent murders of the four Oakland officers and the other murder and rape the thug was a suspect in would not have occured if Lovelle Mixon had not been released from prison early. We now know the cost of not building prisons. I just wish the next people to die at the hands of parolees voted for Obama and the local Demoncrat thugs in our state legislature who refuse to fund prisons.

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