Monday, March 9, 2009

Liberals Are Communists, Part ILXXXXVIII

More evidence in that the Demoncrats and liberals are communists. Worshiping their leadership is a symptom of the radical communist left. To wit; Mao swimming the Yangtze River. Physical accomplishments are the sin qua non of hero worship on the radical left. They are at heart, just a bit homoerotic, but the point is that communist leaders must always prove their virility because of the failure of their policies. When Mao swum the Yangtze, China was in chaos and penury. Well, that is what we have coming, as the communist media has realized what the Obama Regime has wrought; inflation, industrial collapse, injurious taxation. Basically economic collapse. So, like Mao swimming the Yangtze, we have been given feats of strength and alleged physical beauty. Michelle Obama's toned arms. Of course, they are nothing of the sort, they just aren't out of shape. And her huge hips actually show her real physical condition. She is the pinnacle of beauty on the affirmative action plan, she just isn't the huge welfare queen like Oprah. But the point is that the communist media and their patron in the Demoncrat Party have decided to distract us with Olympian feats of strengh, or, more like Festivusian feats of accomplishments, empty and fictional. So we once had Olympian feats a la Mao, but now we only have arms that aren't flabby. Boy, Michelle has such great accomplishments, no flabby arms. I be Oprah is boiling mad.

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