Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Evidence Of The Obama Regime Supporting Terrorism

Besides stopping the prosectution of terrorists detained in Gitmo, the Obama Regime has decided to increase the vunerability of commercial passenger aircraft to takeover by terrorists just like what happened on 9/11. (h/t American Patrol

Probably the most effective anti-highjacking program in the United States, arming cockpit crew was simple, inexpensive, and effective. Cheaper than the air marshal program and covers many more flights per dollar spent, the progam is, or was, a stunning success. But Baraka Hussein Obama is not on the side of Americans, but is on the side of the terrorists. There is no reason to end this program by halting the training of cockpit crews. Slowly the program will die as no new cockpit crews are trained and those who are in the program retire. Slowly Baraka Hussein Obama's plan to help the terrorists commit the next 9/11 is shaping up.

Undoubtedly some of those released from Gitmo will be the next 9/11 suicide pilots, or perhapst those trained and inspired by them will be the next "holy martyrs" as Muslims call them.

Remember, you heard it here first.

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