Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pre-emptive Surrender

The Department of Homeland Security's misnamed Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (OCRCL) has abjectly surrendered to radical Islam and the radical left simultaneously.,0210-uscis.pdf

The OCRCL, populated by the civil rights types like those in the Justice Department Office of Civil Rights, who think that whites don't have the same rights as non-white Americans and deserve to be discriminated against, appears to think that Americans have a duty to surrender to radical Islam. The above memorandum, curiously undated and appearing to be in reality a press release, as no memorandum in DHS is unsigned, unaddressed, or undated, basically copies the nonsense that the Department of Defense issued under Gordon England and Jorge Bush.

Worse yet though, the OCRCL has also surrended to the radical left. For dozens of years the radical left, inflamed by its hatred of Christianity, has waged a war against the measurement of time in the Western world. These Marxist-Leninist pseudo-intellectuals in academia and blogger Debbie Schlussel visceral hatred of Christianity led them to attack Before Christ (BC) and Anno Domini (AD-Year of Our Lord). These frauds, well at least the commies, Debbie seems to have a weak spot for anti-Christian agitation) claim that we should use Before Common Era and Common Era (BCE and CE respectively) as there was no historic even that occured in 1 AD that changed the world. While the radical left hates Christianity and Christians, ascribes all that is wrong in Western society on Christianity, even male chauvanism even though you can find such male chauvanism throughout the pagan world both BC and AD, it denies that Christianity has any unique impact on the world and even questions the existence of Jesus Christ, but, of course, they accept that Mohammed, blessed be his cartoon bombhead, existed.

In its alleged memorandum, the unsigned, undated, memorandum, (consequently without legal effect) uses CE in its discussion of events in Muslim history. In just two letters, it surrenders to both radical Islam, denying the importance of Christianity in world history and accepting the basic tenent of the supremacy of Islam. It also surrenders meekly to the radical left and its war common war with Islam on Christianity. Never before has the U.S. government separated itself from the traditional and Christianity.

Thanks Jorge, I thought you were a Christian. I guess has been more than one opportunistic Christian in the White House.

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