Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stupid Liberals, Stupid Obama

The Obama Regime wants more Americans buying hybrid cars. Federal agencies will soon be getting alot of them, but like the E85 vehicles that the feds buy, they won't be getting much for them. No federal agency makes any effort to buy E85 fuel, so the expense of the new vehicles is wasted as federal agencies buy plain old regular gas. Now, with the new expensive hybrids coming to a federal office soon, there won't be a loss on fuel, but there will be a big loss on the more expensive hybrids as regular vehicles cost alot less and with fuel prices down any gas savings will be nil. But notice that the American people have not been fooled by the hybrid nonsense. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-hybrid17-2009mar17,0,6682265.story Americans are back to buying normal cars, and even SUVs and pickups again.

Especially the people in Texas. I was just down there for two weeks, and only saw one in the Laredo area. It appears that the mostly Hispanic population there prefers big white-man trucks, not whimpy Asian hybrids. I guess not alot of solidarity by the Hispanics for the environment. And liberals thought that the little brown people were on their side. Not when it comes to carbon output I guess.

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